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A band of brothers is the best way to describe the Skinner’s team. Each member complementing the other while all are focused on a singular mission – to get the job done right and to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Simple as that! Each member of the Skinner’s team comes equipped with their own particular forte and knowledge that when combined with the other members rounds out the team as one fluid and synchronized crew. Their work is seamless. And in the eyes of their customers, sheer perfection!

About | Skinner's Custom Screens, Windows & Doors - Georgetown
Mike is the owner and leader of the Skinner’s team. He excels in business and customer service and understands that staying in business means exceeding customers’ expectations every time. His approach to every job is “get it done right, no matter what.” He has a natural love for people and their well being which is reflected in the ethic of his work and leadership. Expecting no more of others than of himself, Mike’s team appreciates and mirrors his strive for excellence and service. The words that best describes Mike, by his employees, are passionate, fair and tireless.

About | Skinner's Custom Screens, Windows & Doors - Georgetown
Honest as the day is long and armed with a desire to please best describe Mike Montgomery. In Mike’s eyes, customer satisfaction is not enough, “They have to “LOVE it!” Likewise, he LOVES his work! Everything from the preciseness and accuracy of measurements to the meticulousness of the most difficult installation is all a natural high for Mike. In Mike’s words, “I just like waking up everyday loving what I do. It doesn’t get any better than this. Life is good!”

About | Skinner's Custom Screens, Windows & Doors - Georgetown
A career professional and consummate home improvement expert, Ray is an old guard. He exudes expertise and knowledge in everything he does. Getting it done right is the only way Ray knows. Courteous, polite and good with people, nothing is more important to Ray than a job well done and a happy customer. His colleagues describe him as the most polite and knowledgeable “Jack-of-all-trades” you’ll ever meet.

About | Skinner's Custom Screens, Windows & Doors - Georgetown
Skillful, knowledgeable and able are just a few of the words that best describe Skinner’s most veteran employee, Noel Charpentier. With dual careers as a professional fire-fighter and Skinner’s specialist, there is nothing Noel can’t do. His approach to every job is caution, accuracy and thoroughness. He is well versed in just about every type of home repair and has a natural way of communicating processes in ways that are easily understood. A natural born leader and teacher, his colleagues describe him as, patient, collected, detailed and extremely thorough!

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